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A broken meter on the pathway

I've run out of quarters

I've run out of quarters
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I'm wabisuke and I decided to make a place to store the icons I made. It's more for storage than for anything else but you are free to use these icons provided that you credit either wabisuke or brokenmeter.

My old journal for icons was sv_icon but I decided to just make a new community because switching between journals was tedious. That and I would get confused with sv_icons (with an s).


1. Remember to credit. Do not take credit for my work. All icon-makers should be treated the same and though there are better icons out there, I would like the same respect that anyone would get.

How to credit:


2. Not really a rule but I'd like it if you didn't hotlink my images because that'd make my icons go down. Otherwise, lol photobucket? :D;

3. Bases are up for grabs. I'll lable bases as such and you can use those without credit any way you want to. This means that just because an icon does not have text does not mean it's a base.

4. Not really a rule, but I would really appreciate it if you left a comment when you take icons and say which ones you take. I'm trying to improve, after all. :)